The Local Organizational Committee in conjunction with the guest editors of the Maritime Policy and Management, Theo Notteboom, Thanos Pallis and Sheila Farrell, one of the scientific journals that support the IAME, and in 2010 presented a special edition on this subject in this same journal, launched a public call for the submission of papers related to the concessions portuárias.Trata is a very interesting topic since this port strategy has contributed to restructure the ports sector worldwide, allowing the entry of private operators in a market for many years dominated by public companies.

Is awaited with great interest the work to be presented at the conference, which will be selected by an International Review Committee composed of well-known personalities in the industry. It is believed that this special session will be an asset to the port sector, both nationally and at internacional.Saiba more about the IAME 2010 conference in Lisbon, an organization Editions Cargo and Ana Cristina Casaca in .

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